Aug 10, 2023

Jamie and Luke’s winter wedding was such a highlight for my wedding season. For starters, Jamie and I have been creating magic together for awhile now so when she asked me to photograph her wedding I almost passed out. I knew it would be epic but I was absolutely blown away by just how stunning the entire day was. Not only did they make me feel like a guest the entire day but they gave me creative control and let me go wild with the night time flash images during the reception. Side note – it’s so important to trust your photographer when they come running up to you saying “I HAVE AN IDEA!!!” because that’s when the magic happens – for me this usually happens during the reception and while I never mean to take you away from the party, it’s when some of my favorite moments of the day happen because there’s so much less pressure and we can just have fun. That’s what happened here –  we gathered a bunch of disco balls from around the venue and set them on one of the couches to create this really cool reflection on the chair and pops of flash for a paparazzi vibe. When using my flash, I slowed down my shutter speed a bit to add a bit of motion blur to photos which is one of my favorite things to do. Now I use those flash images almost everywhere (aka all over my website) because they are some of my favorites to date. Shoutout to Jamie and Luke for always trusting me and allowing me to be my best creative self!

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