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Dec 10, 2023

I love engagement sessions for so many reasons, but one of the biggest reason is that I get to see you and your partners personality show through. Something I stress when we first start the planning of your session is to make sure it is true to you. Two important factors includes the location and your outfits because both are equally important! This session of Bri and Ryan was one I was SO pumped for the minute Bri sent me their outfits because it was very much their vibe and it set the tone and aesthetic for the morning.

Your engagement session should be a fun, stress free break from the chaos that is wedding planning so when picking a location, I always tell my couples to pick somewhere that is meaningful or fun for you! If you aren’t woodsy/hiking people, then hiking in the hills of McConnells Mills is definitely not for you. If you love downtown Pittsburgh because you live in a different city, then the North Shore should be on the short list of places you could choose from. And if you feel like you’re drawing a blank on every place you’ve ever been to, don’t worry – I have an entire list of places that I love to shoot at. I also think it’s so important to talk with your photographer about the place and what time is best to shoot at. Bri and Ryan chose the North Shore and while I love a good sunset session, I recommend shooting here at sunrise because the sun comes up behind the city! This location at sunset isn’t the best because if you want the city in the background, the sun will be aggressive in your face, causing you to squint until it sets behind the west hills.

Next key component is outfits! I’ve had clients dress in anywhere from formal gowns to matching sweat pant sets (which is definitely something I would do). I think it’s so important to wear something that you are comfortable in because it’s going to show in the photos if you aren’t comfy or out of your element. A lot of my couples also have outfit changes to give two different vibes and that’s something I love. Bri and Ryan did this, all while sticking with that 70’s style (again, I am OBSESSED and love when couples curate their fits). Checking with your photographer about patterns that may clash with each other or not look good on camera is important too! There are some designs such as tiny florals or small checkered patterns that will just not appear nicely. If you google “moire”, you’ll see what I mean! That’s what we try to avoid. But again, checking with your photographer is always a good move to see what they think.

The moral of all of this – do what makes YOU both happy. It will show in every photo if you’ve picked a location you love and you’re loving your fit and feeling the vibe!! Bri and Ryan nailed this 70’s inspired session the whole way through and this just made me that much more excited for their wedding next year.

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