Dec 28, 2023

Okay, this blog post is equal parts why I always recommend having an engagement session (although, I should have you watch my Instagram reel about that) AND the weird happenstance of how I actually know Anthony!

I’ll start with the little fun fact about this couple. A month or so ago, I got an inquiry and I always ask what both partners names are just so I’m prepared for if we ever hop on a call. As I was reading through this particular inquiry, I noticed that the soon to be groom’s name was Anthony B – a last name of someone that I had gone to high school with and hadn’t seen since college when I ran into him in South Side at a random bar (if you live in PGH, you know just how small it is here). Fast forward to my email back to Dianna when I asked “Anthony B – did he happen to go to Hempfield High School in Lancaster?! Because if so, what a small world!!” And what do you know, it was the same Anthony B! How exciting to be photographing an old pal from high school and his sweetheart.

So, now to the informative part! I’ve talked about locations and even outfits and why they’re key. But the MAIN key is actually having an engagement session in the first place and here’s why. I’m a strong believer that your wedding day shouldn’t be the first time you step in front of my camera. I have a handful of couples who’ve had engagement sessions prior to meeting me and in that case, I always suggest we do a mini session. This allows you two to gain confidence in front of my camera prior to your wedding day. The first 10-15 minutes can be a little awkward – like this session was. Even though I knew Anthony, they were both a bit nervous and not used to getting their photo taken. With wedding day timelines already being pretty strict, you won’t want to spend time trying to get comfortable only for us to head right back into your reception.

Another thing I’m big on is I get to see how you and your person interact with each other outside of the wedding day chaos. Wedding days are WILD, there’s a lot going on and while it is about you and your person, I know that you also have your attention all over the place. I’m able to witness the natural chemistry you two have together and see if you’re goofy and silly or need a little extra guidance with posing. It’s also a good time to chat with you and learn about your love story, your favorite things about each other, and everything in between! I’ll make sure I bring that information and knowledge into your wedding day too.

And of course, the last reason that is maybe just a me thing because it’s something I would do if I had my engagement session – make engagement sessions – day or night – a date! You get to dress up, frolic with your person and take a break away from insanity that can be wedding planning. Plus, it’s nice to have extra photos of you two for save the dates or to hang around the house!

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