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Aug 30, 2023

This idea all started with an ad I saw in a magazine a couple months ago. It was for some suits and they were on the beach – sand dunes to be specific – and they were in these oversized jackets just standing on the beach. I knew instantly that I wanted to do my own take on it, but I had to find a couple willing to be a bit more serious and moody to fit the vibe. I had recently photographed Logan, a solo shoot to announce that she was going full time with her own photo and video business (Logan’s Lightroom), and I quickly realized that she was a natural in front of the camera. I reached out to her about this and sent her my mood board with the vibe and the outfits that were necessary. She responded that she was down, but that it would take some convincing to get Clint on board. A couple weeks go by and I had given up hope that this would happen until one day, I see a message pop up “Clint is down!!!” WOOO.

The day of the shoot, I’m making my way to Presque Isle which is roughly 2 hours from Pittsburgh and the whole time, it’s nothing but sunny skies (which was very much not the vibe for this shoot) but I knew I would make it work no matter what. It wasn’t until 30 minutes out, I finally realized the sky was completely covered with clouds – my favorite thing ever. Once I arrived, I scoped out some spots on the beach to set up. Now, if you’ve ever been to an Erie lake, you know that there aren’t really “waves”. It’s maybe the gentlest body of water. Except for this day, when I’m shooting….of course. This made me nervous for so many reasons because the main part of the shoot was to have the chairs in the water and have Logan and Clint stand on top of them. With the way the waves were coming in, I was SO nervous that it would knock them over.

Spoiler – it didn’t. And – they crushed it. The vibe was so moody in the best way possible and they were both fearless when it came to standing on those folding chairs while the waves crashed around them. This has to be one of my favorite creative sessions to date and there are 1 photo from this already hanging in my home!

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